Floyd the Dog and Finn McCool

Have you heard of Floyd, the writing dog, and Finn McCool, the magic leprechaun cat?  The two of them are talented storytellers narrating the adventures of our furry friends.  Let me tell you more about them.

Floyd the Dog writes stories, but also publishes stories on the internet.  You can subscribe to his stories by filling a simple form and will receive at least one story every month.  You can also submit stories, and if your story is chosen Floyd will give a donation to the animal welfare charity of your choice.  Floyd is indeed a generous dog.  Have I mentioned that the amount of the donation increases with the number of subscribers?  So, what are you waiting for?  Run to his website and have a look.  You can even explore a few of the stories there and if you subscribe you will be able to read more archived stories.

We were delighted to hear that Floyd the Dog made a donation to the Cork Animal Care Society on behalf of Leo whose story was selected for the month of August.  “Doggy Bank” is told by Leo, who is a St Bernard working for a hospital in Cork at the end of the 19th century.  It is a story based on real facts, which necessitated some careful research.  I’m sure you’d love reading it.

Not long ago, the ACS received another donation on behalf of Finn McCool for his story “Wearing the Green”.  Finn McCool is a leprechaun magic cat, who brings luck and happiness. It is also the nom the plume of author Karen A. Lynch, who writes about more than just Irish magic cats, so you might want to check her website.  As you might guess, Finn’s stories will take you into a magical Ireland and they can be accessed on the website (see here for an index of stories).  And if you like this little cat, there is also an online shop where you can find various good with his effigy.

Happy reading!

The Cork Animal Care Society would like to thank Floyd the Dog for his generosity, as well as the authors who picked us up as their chosen animal charity.  We are most grateful to you.


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