Furry Tales and Meowsings: Call for submissions

Furry Tales and Meowsings is the name of the Cork Animal Care Society’s first booklet of creative writing.  We are hoping to have the first issue out this September; however, for this to happen, we need your help!

We are looking for poems and short stories, either factual or fictional, that we would be able to publish in this amateur booklet.  It will be nothing fancy at first, but who knows what it will become?  The only guideline we have is that the piece must contain an animal, although it does not have to be a main character.

There is also one extremely important condition: the work must be yours!  We will in fact ask you to fill a form certifying that it is your own work and that you authorise the ACS to use it for the booklet.

Furry Tales and Meowsings will then be put up for sale on our website and some local outlets.  All the proceeds will go towards the welfare of animals.  The only thing it will cost you is a stamp to send the form back.

You’ve always wondered how you could help us when you do not have much money to keep going in these difficult times?  Here is the answer!   So, pick up your pen and paper and email your piece to emilie@animalcaresociety.ie.  It could be your claim to fame!


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