My name is Red

My name is Red.

My mommy doesn’t like me and my four sisters eat all the food before I get there. I’m so little and my belly really hurts when I eat. I’m so,so, hungry.

Mommy bit me and hissed at me again today, she won’t give me any milk.

I don’t know why she wants to hurt me. I’m so scared to leave the woods. My
sisters are playing with mommy, they caught a mouse for dinner. I didn’t get
any dinner ’cause I didn’t help to catch the mouse. Why does my belly hurt so bad? The humans came today to give us some food. It’s a long walk to the humans and they scare me cuz they’re so big and noisy. My sisters said they want to catch us and eat us for dinner. The humans give us food, so I don’t understand why they would want to eat us. My sisters are tortie coloured and in the woods they are the fighters, they say I’m too lazy and silly to catch my own food. My belly hurts so bad now.

I want my mommy………

In the woods

I sleep on my own cuz mommy and the torties don’t want me around cuz they say there is something wrong with me. I can’t go anywhere. The human machines are on the road and they’re so loud I get so scared, the woods are full of strange noises and funny smells. I’m so tired, all I can do now is sleep, but it’s difficult to sleep when I’m hungry, I keep shaking from the cold and I’m so lonely.

The humans are here again, but there’s more of them today, they’re making funny sounds and pointing at us. Mommy told us to stay away from them. They have food. Loads of food! I can smell it. I’m so hungry…….. Mommy has gone
to talk to the humans…..I can’t see her, she has disappeared, but I can hear her call the torties. My sister Tear has gone to find mommy. Tear is so brave and she likes me and brings me food sometime and cuddles me when I’m cold…….Tear is gone…. Charlie goes next to see what is happening. I can hear them cry…..Oh what’s happening?.. My belly hurts…. Stripe and Adam Ant go together to see where everyone has gone…..No one comes back. I can hear their voices but can’t see them. I can smell the food. I’m so hungry….I have to see what’s happened to my family…….I can see Tear, she’s in a funny looking box. She tells me to run away. I’m so scared. I want to be with my sister…Oh! The big noisy humans have caught us all.

Little Red's first encounter with the humans

We are in the dark and we are all very quiet and very scared. Mommy and the torties are all huddled in the corner of the box we’re in. We are moving in one of the human machines……..Will they eat us soon? My belly hurts really bad now.

The machine stops and I hear the humans. They lift up our box and we enter a strange place. Its dark, but not very dark. It’s warm and it smells funny, not like the woods, it smells like humans…….It’s a nice smell. Oh my golly! There is so much food here, enough for a million hunts in the woods and there are furry things to sleep on. This is so wonderful….When will the humans eat us? I’m going to eat until I burst….. My belly hurts so much now when I eat anything….I think I will just lie down for a while.

In my new house

We are in the human machine again. Are they going to eat us soon? I’m so scared…….. We are in a strange place now, it smells funny, but nice…..The human is coming to get me…..She picks me up and holds me in her arms…..’What a lovely little Red you are…you’re so thin and your eyes look so big and scared’ Oh my belly hurts so bad…..make me better please lady.

I’m in a cage now….on my own, my mommy is gone, my sisters are gone. I hear other cats and the humans are talking. I hear a human, the same one that put me in the human machine……She’s coming towards my cage…She opens it and she touches me. I’m scared she is going to eat me…She rubs my ears….I like it, she rubs my back….I like it…..she kisses me…..I really like that, it’s like when mommy used to do it.

The human tells me that I’m really, really, sick and I need an operation to fix my belly so it won’t hurt anymore. I will need to sleep for a while and when I wake up everything will be ok.

I’m scared…..I want my new mommy, I miss my sister Tear….. The humans are giving me stuff to make me sleep, I feel really, really, tired. My belly hurts….I’m getting sleepy now, really sleepy.

Little Red at The Cat Hospital on the eve of his big operation

Little red is having an operation this morning on a Diaphragmatic Hernia in his chest cavity. The operation will be performed by Veterinarian, Claire Meade, at
the Cat Hospital in Glanmire with the assistance of her veterinary nursing staff. Little Red’s operation can possibly last between 4 and 6 hours  and he will be assisted by Leslie who will have to breathe for little Red using a hand ventilator pump.

Little Red’s operation is very costly, but the Cork Animal Care Society has decided that his life is more important than money.  Do you agree?  If so, you might be willing to make a €2 donation towards Little Red’s operation?  €2 is all we are asking for because we believe that if we pull our forces together we can be stronger.  Every little bit makes a difference and for Little Red, this could make a huge difference.  Please, help this little cat!  You can donate on our Facebook shop or on our website.

Thank you Maggie for writing Little Red’s story for him.  Little Red, our thoughts are with you today.  We’re thinking about you and sending you all the positive vibes we can.  You deserve a better life and we love you xx


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