Found Animals

If you have FOUND an animal, follow these steps:
If you can, take the animal to the nearest vet and ask them to check the animal for a microchip. If he has been chipped he can be easily re-united with his owners. Your vet can help and almost all vets and all reputable welfare groups will do this check for free. Take great care when transporting the animal; if it is a cat use a secure cat carrier, if a dog use a proper lead (slip lead) which does not depend on the dogs collar, if he has one.
Notify the garda to check if anybody has reported a missing pet.
Contact the Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline ( Lost and Found Pets Ireland (
Contact your local rescues (see links on the right tab) by email with a photo of the animal and details about him.
Contact local vets.
Put up posters in the local area.
Put postings on the internet and advertise in the local paper.
Do not leave the animal on the streets and keep him in a safe place. If you cannot keep him yourself, ask your friends if they could help.
Please, remember that most rescues are run by volunteers and are under a lot of pressure. They are willing to help as much as possible, but cannot be expected to carry all these steps for each animal reported to them. Furthermore, they cannot be expected to take in all found animals as they are already caring for many animals whose lives have been endangered.

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