SUCCESS STORIES – Happy Birthday Molly!

We just received this a few minutes ago from Molly’s Mum, who incidentally is a gifted photographer. Molly was the 16 year old “kitten” found at the breast cancer clinic in Cork. We had her moved to Clare  at the Cat Hospital and told her to do all possible to save her. A year ago this happened… and today rejoice with us for a life preserved.

Dear Clare, Albert & Belinda,

Today one year ago, I collected Molly from the Cat Hospital. Time passes so quickly! As you can see from the photos Molly is doing reasonably well and is enjoying her life. She is still quite active given her age and loves playing with her toy mouse  – She occasionally even catches a real one.

Thanks to Belinda for picking her up and bringing her to the Cat Hospital, thanks to Clare and her team for doing such a fantastic job in getting her back to health and thanks to the ACS who made sure she got all the necessary treatment!

So Happy Birthday dear Molly!
All the best,



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