DON’T let your pet get POISONED this Christmas

Only 10 days until ChScreen Shot 2013-12-15 at 15.15.48ristmas and it is that time of year where there are all kinds of new things around for your pet to play with and get their paws into. There are somereal hazards around the house at this time of the year and chances of pets being poisoned is increased. Read below and see a few of the potential poisons you should avoid to keep your pet safe.


Chocolate is a number 1 threat especially for dogs. Most of us have seen people give chocolate to their pooches from time to time and it easy to think that sure the pet is fine and it must all be a myth but it is possible for them become very ill. Christmas is the time of selection boxes and tins of sweets and chocolate can easily be left around.  Death may only occur in 1 out of 1,000 or so case but all dogs are at risk.Small dogs or dogs with a history of diabetes, pancreatitis, orheart problems are typically more sensitive to chocolate than large, healthy dogs.Dark chocolate is about 10 times as toxic as milk chocolate. To understand various levels of chocolate intoxication, here are some simple guidelines (sourced from

  • White chocolate: Not necessarily toxic but high sugar and fat contents can lead to vomiting and other illnesses like pancreatitis.
  • Milk chocolate: Low levels of intoxication.
  • Baking chocolate and dark chocolate: High levels of intoxication


Poinsettias have been rumoured as being t0xic to cats and dogs and they definitely can be resulting in reactions such as conjunctivitis, itching or vomiting. However, while you need to avoid poinsettias there are other plants that you need to be equally careful with for example lillies which may also come in christmas bouquets. Lillies are far more toxic can result in severe kidney damage and even death so keep those pretty plants out of paws reach!


It is hard to resist giving remains of the christmas turkey to your cat or dog but be careful of bones. Chicken and turkey bones can easily splinter and  get caught in pets throat or cause puncture their gut or intentines. The last thing you need is an emergency call to the vet when you should be tucking into your dinner. Believe us it happens all too often!

Grapes and Raisins

These are dangerous all year round but especially when there is christmas cake/ plum pudding in the house. One slice left for a second and devoured by a cat or dog can result in severe illness.

If your pet does manage to get his/her paws on any of the above and you are worried contact your vet asap. Prevention in this case can save a lot of distress for both you are your pets.

String can kill

So string isn’t exactly a food type but with all the wrapping and presents there is bound to be string along the way. Pets in particular cats love to play with string and it is tempting to just leave them off but it can be easily swallowed and can cause serious life-threatening intentional issues.

For more info on things that can be toxic to your pets check out a list from The Humane Society HERE. 

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