Nora’s fostering experience

Nora, who works at The Cat Hospital in Glanmire, recently fostered three kittens for the ACS.  She now tells you about her experience:

On May 13th, a Friday afternoon, I was relaxing watching Coronation Street! I had just finished college exams that day, bringing to an end an academic year that consisted of a 7 day a week schedule for me between school and work!

I was enjoying a glass of wine and dinner when I opened my laptop and saw an
appeal on facebook by Anne Fitzgerald. Three kittens had been found in Hollyhill and brought to her. Their mother had apparently been chased into oncoming traffic by youths, died, and her kittens were being tossed in the air! A gracious cabman took them to Anne.

At this time, Anne was stretched beyond belief with kittens. I sat for a few moments before I found myself writing Anne an email to say I would take these poor babies in!

Anne arrived within the hour, carrier in hand. We went to the spare room I had set up for them. She opened the carrier to reveal three handsome kittens. Barely three weeks old, they quietly began to stick their heads out to investigate their new surroundings. I piled them all on my chest and found myself falling deeply in love as they all stared at me with their gorgeous blue eyes.

Nora and her three foster kittens

Needless to say I had a few sleepless nights, syringe feedings, etc. Thankfully my amazing husband adores cats and works nights so took over early morning feeds when he would get home. The boys quickly melted our hearts. we named them Bobo, Harvey, and Baby. Bobo was extremely inquisitive and a loving boy. Harvey way a tough brute that demanded to be fed first! Baby lived up to his name, adorable, sweet, tiny, and cheeky!

Full of love!

Our time with them was amazing. Over 10 weeks, it had its ups and downs. Seeing them grow and discover new things was entertaining. When they all became sick with suspected girardia I was beside myself. I quickly took them to The Cat Hospital, where luckily they were quickly put on the right track.

It's not always easy to look after a tiny baby...

As they grew it was time to start looking for homes. My mother, a long time cat owner, happened to be looking for a new kitten to join her household of two other rescue kittens at the time. She adopted Baby. he was so cheeky and flirtatious at that stage, I knew he’d settle in well. He has! Delighted with his new home…spoilt beyond belief!!

In late July we went on a week holidays and left the two remaining boys in The Cat Hospital to be looked after by Clare and Lesley. On their last day up there they caught the eye of an amazing family. A lovely lady and her three gorgeous kids fell in love with Harvey. They wisely decided to talk about it over the weekend. When they came back they had decided to take them both! They took all of our advice from the Cat Hospital on how to introduce them slowly to their
existing cat. At this stage, they had already been vaccinated and neutered for the ACS by Clare at The Cat Hospital so they made ideal pets.

Will you adopt us? Of course!

To say I was heartbroken saying goodbye is a massive understatement! These
boys touched my life in a way I simply cannot describe. I truly miss them. Still, when ever I hear a high pitched squeak in the house I think it is a three-week old Harvey demanding his milk!

I feel honoured and blessed to be one of Anne’s last fosterers; she was supportive and encouraging throughout. She would be proud of the boys today.

At last count they are absolute terrors, causing mayhem around theirs homes and enjoying life thoroughly.

Nora's foster family

I would highly recommend the fostering experience. And, although I am clearly biased from working at The Cat Hospital, I would strongly urge any fosterer to avail of the FREE nurses clinics we offer there for any health checks / advice.

Thanks for writing your story, Nora!