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Fundraiser at the RedHat Offices in Cork, by Brigitte Asslaender

It all started with me winning a Munster Rugby Jersey, and not really knowing what to do with it.  Sell it on, I thought, and give the money to an animal charity.

Then I had a better idea : raffle it off. Much more fun for all my colleagues in the office, and probably a little more money for the charity.  I had given money to the Animal Care Society Cork before, after I had sold some cakes in the office.

That got me thinking … surely I could combine the raffle with a bake sale, and make it a bit more of an event? I started talking to my colleague Margherita, who is very involved in animal welfare as well.  The office also had had a jumble sale about a year ago, which was a success. We thought we could repeat that as well.

After asking around, we received several vouchers and some bottles of champagne to be prizes for the raffle, with the Munster Rugby Jersey to be top prize. One of our managers even promised to get the Jersey signed by a member of the Munster Rugby team.

We announced the event to the office 2 weeks in advance, to give everyone time to find stuff at home they no longer needed and to buy tickets.  The sale of the tickets went amazingly well, although I had the distinct feeling that most people were after the 2nd price, the champagne.

On the big day, we set up what cakes we brought in the kitchen. There was a Lemon Drizzle Cake, a big batch of Tiramisu and Banana & Fudge Muffins (and yes, they were all as yummy as they sound).  We also arranged and prized the items for the jumble sale.

Jumble Sale

The response was somewhat overwhelming… by the time I got round to take pictures, the only thing left of the lemon cake were some crumbs on the tray, and the muffins had been greatly reduced in number.

Baking sale

The raffle was held at 3pm, with a voucher for Brown Thomas going to our office fashion queen, and the champagne to our legal department. A colleague from order management won the Jersey, which is now going to be a christmas present for a special someone.

All in all, we raised €274.00 for the Animal Care Society Cork.

The ACS would like to send a huge thank you to Brigitte for organising a fundraiser for the animals in our care.  You made their Christmas a little brighter!


Wendy’s Wish Book

I have a favour to ask you.  Another one you may say!  This one won’t cost you anything else other than a little bit of your time.

Wendy, one of our supporters, came up with a lovely idea.  She would like you to send her your wish for 2012 as she is trying to put together a wish book.  Nobody other than her will read your wish.  For every wish she receives, Wendy will be donating 1 euro to an animal welfare charity.

“I’m putting together a ‘Wish Book’ for 2012 where I’m hoping to get people’s wishes from all over the world. I’m asking people to write down their wish on a sheet of paper. You can be as creative as you like and the wish can be 1 line or 20 pages, it’s upto you. I’m just asking for people to write down their wish, what it means to them and what it would mean to them if it came true. Nobody will read it only me so no need to worry. For each wish I get, 1 Euro will be donated to charity (animal of course).”

Now, the difficulty is to pick only one wish!  Happy wishing!

You can email Wendy at for more details.

Trevor’s Motivate Challenge

You have probably heard of Trevor by now.  Trevor is one of the Cork Animal Care Society’s key volunteers.  Not only does Trevor help at the sanctuary every Sunday, but he has also become “Emergency Trevor”.  Yes, Trevor is the person I refer you to when there is emergency and he has already come to the rescue of a few animals.  You might remember his heroic rescue of Brambles?

Trevor was also the person who was called when Poor Tom needed help.  Sadly, Poor Tom could not be saved despite Trevor’s quick intervention.

His latest rescues include Mac, who was facing a certain death by scavenging around McDonald’s in Douglas near a very busy road.

And of course, there was Duchess, this little kitten who decided to sit on the road just at the time when Trevor was passing.  The chances of these two meeting up were quasi nil, yet it happened and Duchess is now on safe territory at our sanctuary.

Today, it is Trevor who needs help.  Trevor has decided to undertake an amazing challenge in aid of the Cork Animal Care Society.  On the 24th of September, Trevor will be running, kayaking and cycling in order to raise funds for all the animals in our care.

I have asked Trevor to tell us a few words about why he has chosen to support the ACS:

“The reason I chose the ACS as my charity for doing the Motivate Challenge, is mainly because I’m an animal lover and keep pets myself. In today’s society there seems to be a lack of responsible pet owners. Now the ACS take in these unwanted animals and after seeing and hearing what goes on at the sanctuary for myself, I feel totally honoured to do it for a charity that really does justice to lost or mistreated animals. It’s not just about picking up strays and tucking them away, it’s total commitment to these poor animals’ welfare and no price limit is put on these animals needing help. They don’t put down any animal that comes to them because it may cost too much.

I have heard on many occassions whilst at the sanctuary ‘it’s for the animals’ and I can honestly say that ALL the people I’ve met who are involved with the ACS have the same view. So i think that a 26km Run/Cycle/Kayak/Run is very very small in comparison to what the ACS provides for these poor animals. It’s not often that a second chance is given in these days… but, by christ, with the ACS, these animals have certainly got a second chance, and they couldn’t be in
better hands.”

Trevor has set himself an incredible challenge, but he has also set a very high fundraising target.  Do you think you could show your support to Trevor and help him to raise his target?  If so, please, visit his fundraising page.

Trevor and his beloved ferrets

Thanks Trevor for everything you are doing for the ACS.  You’re a star!  You give so much to these animals and to your fellow workers.