LOST December 1st – Luna

LUNA is still missing from the Ballyphehane area in Cork601073_600217270015531_1170899799_n. We’ve had so many phonecalls and potential sightings that have seem to have been false alarms but we’re not giving up and if you happen to see ANY cat that might be Luna please  call or text on 0862642115 or 0214310815! It would be much appreciated! Remember she is wearing this LIGHT BLUE COLLAR.

Find more info on a Facebook page her owner set up HERE


Lost Animals

If you have LOST your pet, please follow these steps (note that cats sometimes wander and return after a while, so do not panic yet):

  • Search everywhere and keep calling him.  Walk around so you can hear if he responds.
  • Notify the garda to check if anybody has reported an animal they’ve found.
  • Contact the Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline (http://munsterlostandfound.com/) Lost and Found Pets in Ireland (http://www.lostandfound.ie/) and Lost and Found Pets Ireland (http://www.lostandfoundpets.ie/).  Keep checking these listings.
  • Contact your local rescues (see links on the right tab) by email with a photo of the pet and details about him.
  • Visit the local pound on a daily basis, give them a photo and ask them to be on the look-out.  You need to go there in person rather than ring.
  • Call in person to all the local vets in wide area, check to see if he was handed in injured because of an accident and leave a photo of him.
  • Contact the county council division looking after the roads in case they would have found an injured animal.
  • Put up posters in public places and offer a reward (but DO NOT give any amount).
  • Put postings on the internet (Twitter, Boards.ie, etc).
  • Call to all your neighbours and check to see if he could be accidentally locked into a shed/outhouse/barn, and check if any of your close neighbours have gone on holiday and he might have gotten locked in accidentally.  Talk to people and go to the places your pet usually visits.
  • Did you have visitors on the day he went missing?  Could he have followed them?  Could he have got into their car…  It happens more often that you would think.
  • If you have local schools nearby, see the principal or school secretary, ask to put  his photo up and ask that the kids keep a look out for him.  Tell the kids there is a reward but do not say how much.
  • Speak to your local postman/woman, ask him to be on the lookout and offer him a bit of money or a present.  Postmen/women see far
    more than people think, give him a photo of the animal and your mobile number so that he can call you immediately.  If you
    have a local taxi driver nearby do the same thing.
  • Call the local radio (96 and 103 FM for Cork; you can also email Red FM:lostpets@redfm.ie) and ask them to say that xxxx, a much beloved animal and children’s pet, is missing and broadcast an appeal on air.  They might not be able to, but they are often very helpful.
  • Put ads in the local newspapers and check them in case someone would have advertised a pet they have found and taken in.  The Tuesday and Friday ads carry many of these notices.
  • Consider contacting a specialised company like the Pet Detective.  If you want to do this, do it immediately as the chances of having a lost pet found diminish as time goes by.  We can recommend http://www.happytailsdetective.com/.  They know every step to take and your pet’s life maybe at stake.  They might not be cheap but isn’t the life of your pet worth it ?
  • Widen the net, cover a larger area and put up more posters.  Keep searching; he might be injured and not able to make it home.
    Check under bushes and hedges.  Keep calling his name.
  • Do not give up.  Remember that your pet’s life depends on your perseverance.
  • Remember to notify all the organisations you have contacted and take off posters once your pet has returned.

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Lost Cat


His name is Sailum and is very shy. He has white back legs and white paws. Front legs are black and white paws. He has white under his chin and on the tummy area. Not wearing any form of id. Is neutered. Went missing from duntaheen road , Fermoy, Co.

Cork. on Tuesday 03 July 2012. This is an old picture as the cat is 5 yrs old.

LOST, Kanturk, 6/04/12

Rusty a 2 yr old rescued dog has dissapeared from his home in kanturk co cork. He wore a brown leather collar with a name tag. Family are terrified what might become of him please send to every rescue, friend, warden, garda you can think of especialy in co cork. We need to get him home. Please take 2 minutes to share his details. Any info report please to 02950623 and 0214816331

LOST, Mitchelstown, 15/03/12

Missing from Kingston College, Mitchelstown since morning of  Thursday 15th March 2012 Much loved and spoilt fat tabby cat called “Kitty”. Not used to the outdoors so very timid and might be hiding in back yards, alcoves, sheds, etc. If seen or found, please urgently contact: 025-86823 If no reply, please phone 087-9616903

STOLEN, Waterford, 29/02/12

Please help, our two bichon frise dogs were stolen from our garden, 29th Feb 2012 in the Cairn Dubh Area of Tramore, Co Waterford, my only hope of getting them back is to email as many animal rescues as i can in the hope that either one or both will be handed in, Unfortunately none are microchipped, One is male and the other is female,the male (Chip) is neutured and is 10 years old, and the female (Pheobi) isnt neutured and is 4 years old, both are in need of a groom and the male (chip) has a tuff of hair missing from his back, Chip will be of no use to the thieves as he is neutured and im hoping they just leave him go and we get him back, Pheobi on the other hand has had a litter before and all but one were dead, our family vet has said she is not able to hold the pups right so she may also eventually be left go, i am hoping that by sending a mass email that at least there is hope in getting our beloved pets back as we as a family are heartbroken as our compainions are gone.

please please if someone comes in with these dogs please contact us on 085/8215001 or 085/7495329

Attached is a photo and poster we made please feel free to circulate this as the more we broadcast it the more we have a chance of getting our babies back.

thank you for reading this

Laura Kearney


Co Waterford.