Lost and found pets

If you have LOST your pet, please follow these steps (note that cats sometimes wander and return after a while, so do not panic yet):

  • Search everywhere and keep calling him.  Walk around so you can hear if he responds.
  • Notify the garda to check if anybody has reported an animal they’ve found.
  • Contact the Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline (http://munsterlostandfound.com/) Lost and Found Pets in Ireland (http://www.lostandfound.ie/) and Lost and Found Pets Ireland (http://www.lostandfoundpets.ie/).  Keep checking these listings.
  • Contact your local rescues (see links on the right tab) by email with a photo of the pet and details about him.
  • Visit the local pound on a daily basis, give them a photo and ask them to be on the look-out.  You need to go there in person rather than ring.
  • Call in person to all the local vets in wide area, check to see if he was handed in injured because of an accident and leave a photo of him.
  • Contact the county council division looking after the roads in case they would have found an injured animal.
  • Put up posters in public places and offer a reward (but DO NOT give any amount).
  • Put postings on the internet (Twitter, Boards.ie, etc).
  • Call to all your neighbours and check to see if he could be accidentally locked into a shed/outhouse/barn, and check if any of your close neighbours have gone on holiday and he might have gotten locked in accidentally.  Talk to people and go to the places your pet usually visits.
  • Did you have visitors on the day he went missing?  Could he have followed them?  Could he have got into their car…  It happens more often that you would think.
  • If you have local schools nearby, see the principal or school secretary, ask to put  his photo up and ask that the kids keep a look out for him.  Tell the kids there is a reward but do not say how much.
  • Speak to your local postman/woman, ask him to be on the lookout and offer him a bit of money or a present.  Postmen/women see far
    more than people think, give him a photo of the animal and your mobile number so that he can call you immediately.  If you
    have a local taxi driver nearby do the same thing.
  • Call the local radio (96 and 103 FM for Cork; you can also email Red FM:lostpets@redfm.ie) and ask them to say that xxxx, a much beloved animal and children’s pet, is missing and broadcast an appeal on air.  They might not be able to, but they are often very helpful.
  • Put ads in the local newspapers and check them in case someone would have advertised a pet they have found and taken in.  The Tuesday and Friday ads carry many of these notices.
  • Consider contacting a specialised company like the Pet Detective.  If you want to do this, do it immediately as the chances of having a lost pet found diminish as time goes by.  We can recommend http://www.happytailsdetective.com/.  They know every step to take and your pet’s life maybe at stake.  They might not be cheap but isn’t the life of your pet worth it ?
  • Widen the net, cover a larger area and put up more posters.  Keep searching; he might be injured and not able to make it home.
    Check under bushes and hedges.  Keep calling his name.
  • Do not give up.  Remember that your pet’s life depends on your perseverance.
  • Remember to notify all the organisations you have contacted and take off posters once your pet has returned.

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All our efforts are now being concentrated to get a new sanctuary facility. We will have to demonstrate to the Bank that we can re pay the mortgage we will be asking for and for a small charity like ourselves that is a real challenge. If there ever was a time that we need extra money this is it. Please consider supporting us with a regular standing order donation. No matter how small, every cent helps.

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For most people, animal rescue is a case of rushing to the aid of an endangered or distressed animal. That is often the case. Frontline rescue staff are on call 24/7/365. These people are often the only public face of a rescue organisation as they are the ones the public see. But, I wonder, do the public ever consider what happens once the animal has been picked up. It doesn’t just disappear or go away. The real work of rescue begins once an animal is picked up. There are the problems of veterinary care. There is the question of a holding area. There are fosterers or permanent homes to be considered. Somebody, somewhere, has to organise all these things and also fund the aftercare. Tonight I would like to pay a personal tribute to our ‘shadow’ person, Emilie Peneau, who is solely responsible for the smooth operation that supports the daily running of the ACS.

Emilie is the sole fundraiser and Public Relations Officer of the ACS. She was recruited into the Animal Care Society at a very traumatic time in that organisation’s history following the death of Ann Fitzgerald. I think it’s fair to say that Emilie breathed life into a moribund organisation, gave it a new lease of life, and put in place a coherent and far reaching strategic plan that was designed to move the ACS onto the next stage of its development. Animal rescue is a hugely complicated edifice that requires diverse talents in order to operate to its maximum potential. Emilie is the person at the centre of the storm. It falls upon her to organise the raising of finance from the public through a variety of public activities. Emilie has to plan the event, gather together a diverse group of people, motivate them, collect the money, and then, account for the money raised, in order to maintain a policy of openness and transparency that is incumbent upon all charities. Publicly raised finance has to be treated with the strictest professionalism and accounted for at all times. In the time I have known Emilie, and I speak as someone who has worked professionally within the charity world for 15 years, I have never met someone who has brought such administration skills, coupled with passion and compassion, to her role within the ACS. What makes this achievement so much more remarkable is the fact that this is Emilie’s first venture into running an organisation like the ACS.

Beside the multitude of tasks that befall her in her twin roles of Fundraiser and PR Person, Emilie maintains a constant dedication to the task of TNR and is often out on her own, late into the night, rescuing feral cats and kittens. Emilie has introduced a new concept to the task of TNR by involving local communities and getting people involved in helping the work of TNR by paying for the neutering of cats, looking after the cats once rereleased, and finding homes for kittens. One of Emily’s major successes has been, of course, Ballycotton, where, with the support of the good people of Ballycotton, she has just about TNRed every feral cat in the town. Quite often this has meant that Emilie has finished a day’s work with the ACS, and then, returned to Ballycotton to trap another feral

This untrammelled dedication is based upon Emilie’s personal beliefs and values and perhaps shaped, if not a little, by the writings of Margaret Atwood, the Canadian writer and intellectual, famed for her passion for all creatures and their environment. It is so refreshing, and so very rare, to discover a person who has both the belief system and the courage to follow that belief through hard work.  Emilie has become the ‘Brigitte Bardot’ of Ireland. A compassionate individual, driven by her values, to alleviate the suffering endured by countless animals in this country.

That the ACS is still able to operate to the level it does is due to the long hours, and hard, hard, work, of Emilie, and the passion she brings to her role. At Christmas, when fundraising activities were at their peak, Emilie came home every night following a days work, to a house full of kittens she had rescued and was now caring for. They had to be fed, kitty litters had to changed, and their medical requirements seen after. Never once did Emilie’s enthusiasm or good nature flag under this enormous strain. Emilie always maintained a cheerful demeanour in the face of the most arduous demands upon her time and energy. No situation was deemed so bad that a workable solution could not be found. If I carry one memory of Emilie, it is of a beaming face, looking out through the windscreen of a tiny car, surrounded by cages, traps, cats, and all the fundraising paraphenalia of the ACS, as she headed off on another mission.

Their Lives. Her Passion.

LOST, Ballinspittle, 11/11/11

This dog went missing on 11th nov from ballinspittle co cork.  She is a female two year old collie alsation cross.  She is beige and brown with markings like that of an alsation or husky on her face she is paler than a pedigree alsation…. Very friendly, she may have gotten into a car with someone and be miles away by now. Contact heloise o byrne 0860468886.


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We believe that we can make this world a better place for the animals, but we need you to help us.  With this blog, we hope you will be able to find ideas about how you can participate in this big project.

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Daz and Suds, my first foster kittens