Helping us

There are many ways in which you can help us, more than you would think.

Donate: It is thanks to your kind donations that we can continue to save the lives of many animals.

Adopt or foster a pet: email for more info

Sponsor a pet:  If you are not in a position to adopt a pet, you can still virtually do so by sponsoring.  By doing so, you will help us to take care of an animal who is not suitable for rehoming or who hasn’t found his/her forever home.  You will receive letters/photos of your pet three times a year, so you can follow his/her progress.  This is an ideal gift for your children if you are unable to commit to have a pet.

Become a volunteer at our sanctuary or become involved in animal rescue or in fun(d)raising (it doesn’t necessarily means standing in the street with a bucket!)

Raise awareness

Participate to our monthly photo competition.

Write a poem or short story for Furry Tales and Meowsings.


4 comments on “Helping us

  1. I would love to volunteer in the Cork city area… I adore animals and have worked with diffrent causes and groups in the Cork area. I’ve helped raise funds on the streets with my dog as help!

  2. I would like to volunteer., any spare time I have I would be happy to help in the shelter, collecting or with some transport, I could maybe foster for short periods because I own 3 dogs as it is and have limited space but I’m a qualified in animal grooming, animal welfare and canine first aid . I did collect with ye in the past wit my 3 dogs they attracted great attention (“,)

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