Emily is one of the cats we have in foster care.  She was found last December with a broken leg and we decided to help her.  After a successful operation, Emily returned to her rescuer who had offered to foster her as she needed six weeks of cage rest.  We have asked Mary to tell us Emilie’s story:

“One Saturday morning just as we were leaving the house 3 youngsters about 10 or 11 years old came to the door holding a beautiful tabby & white kitte;, they asked me did I own her.  I didn’t and they said they would keep looking for the owner as she was very friendly. I told them to come back to me if they didn’t find her owner. Later that evening they arrived at the door still holding the kitten and told me that her leg was broken.  They said they had brought her to the local vet who had treated her with antibiotics and painkillers but as they didn’t know who the owner was the vet could not offer any more treatment. One of the youngsters’ father had told her to put the cat back where she had found her as they didn’t want to keep her. I rang the ACS (Katie) and told her the kitten’s story. Katie asked me to bring the kitten to The Cat Hospital in Glanmire where Clare would assess her. I took the kitten from the youngsters and brought her into my home. She was super friendly, never once growled or showed any aggression, even though her leg was broken.

The beautiful Emily (photo courtesy of Allan Meek)

When I came back in the house, there was major excitement: our own 2 dogs, another doggie I was doggies-sitting and our 4 cats (including our new addition 4 week old feral kitten) were very interested to know what I had in the carrier. My daughter and son were so excited and, not wanting to frighten this new kitten, we decided to bring her into the sitting room shut the door to keep all our nosey fur babies in the other room.  Unfortunately, when my son closed the door he didn’t realise my daughter’s fingers were in there and we ended up with a screaming 6 year old who had 2 very squished fingertips.  She only calmed down when my hubby asked her to bring the kitten with her very sore broken leg to the vet with mammy.

Emily at The Cat Hospital

On arriving at The Cat Hospital, Clare helped the squished fingertips by giving my daughter a yummy bar of chocolate.  As everyone knows chocolate is a fantastic healer! Claire assessed the kitten and told me she had a compound fracture, the bone sticking out the back and blood that was stuck around the wound would suggest that the injury had not happened that day or the day before.  This alone will show what a sweetheart this kitten is; she must have been in absolute agony, yet allowed youngsters to carry her around for most of the day in their arms, then allowed me to carry her and never complained once!  When we were leaving Clare asked my daughter to think of a name for this adorable kitten. On the drive home she told me she had decided on a name: Emily – after herself!

Emily is all set to go to her fosterer's

We went to visit Emily after her operation and Clare told us that Emily kitty would need approximately 6 weeks of cage rest.  I offered to foster her for this time.  I was nervous as I had never fostered a cat that needed cage rest.  I wanted to ensure I would do the best for her to heal.  The last time I fostered a kitten was over 2 years ago and I failed at that; I adopted her!

Emily in the arms of her fosterer (photo courtesy of Allan Meek)

Emily kitty is a very friendly kitten, which means she thinks every other cat/dog is the same.  Two of our cats gave her a shock when they hissed at her for trying to play with them through her cage when they went over to investigate. She loves everyone and plays with the feral kitten (Parmenion)  we have had now for about 9 weeks.  Parmenion will sit outside Emily’s cage and play with her through the bars.  Emily kitty had her stitches out three weeks ago and got her first vaccination.  She will have the implants in her leg removed next week, then she will be free from cage rest.  She can’t wait to come out of the cage to explore her surroundings.

If you are looking for a cat that will adore you, be very happy sitting on you lap being rubbed and enjoys playing, then Emily kitty is the cat for you. She would love a playmate as she really enjoys playing and company.  She’s very placid and really deserves a wonderful forever home.”

Emily (photo courtesy of Allan Meek)

We are delighted to say that Emily has a home waiting for her.  Magda, Lucasz and their cat, Blaszka, are getting ready to welcome Emily as soon as she has settled after the removal of her pins.

The ACS always tries to help as many animals as possible, but this can be difficult at times as we do not always have the resources.  Despite, the best efforts from the vets we work with, who offer fantastic discounts, such operations remain expensive.  The cost of Emily’s and Millie’s operations and treatment is over €1000; this is why we’re asking you for your help.  By donating a euro for each of these girls, you can help us to continue our work.  Do you think you could donate €2 towards their vet bills?  If so, please visit their special appeal page here.  Thanks!