News from Suzie, by Katherine


“We got Suzie from the ACS last October along with her daughter, Esme. We were told when we first went to visit the cats that Suzy and her two sons were FeLV positive but that Esme was negative. We went home and did some research about what caring for her would entail. We had only intended to take home one cat but, of course, when we decided we could take Suzie on we had to bring Esme home as well.

The Ryan Brothers, Alex and Eliot, are Suzie's sons and are also FeLV positive. Unless they find a very special home, like their mum, they will remain at the sanctuary in the care of Anne P.

Having one FeLV positive and one negative cat has been a bit of a challenge because the virus can be passed by saliva from feed bowls and the cats grooming each other, as well as through shared litter trays, so we have had to take care to feed the cats separately and to maintain high levels of hygiene where it comes to items they share (like toys and litter trays). Esme also needs more frequent vaccination than cats who are not as likely to be exposed to the virus.

I had Suzie re-tested a few weeks ago on the advice of our vet because I was concerned that she might be unwell. I was surprised and happy when the test came back negative. Some cats clear it from their system, and while I always hoped that this would happen I didn’t expect it.

Suzie is a lovely cat, she is so affectionate, she will be curling up on top of any visitor and trying to scent mark them within seconds of meeting them. At the ACS rescue centre she came straight up to me and sat in my arms, looking into my face as if to say ‘well, what now? Are we going home or not?’. She is always sitting with me, on my lap if there’s room or beside me if there isn’t, and when I’m working at the table she will sit on the table next to me.

She is certainly made to be a lady of luxury because she doesn’t have much desire to chase about (although she will often chase Esme when she wants to play with her mum), she hardly miows at all, and seems to have no desire for anything outside the apartment. However, she is far from being apathetic about life. Her favourite thing is watching the birds out of the window, and even on the television if there is a nature documentary she can sit in front of, and, of course, she has a mad five minutes every now and then, where she gets excited by a trailing cord or squeaky toy.

We are waiting for the results of her full blood test to confirm that she has cleared the leukaemia. We have only had her and Esme for a year but I would be lost without either of them, so I am keeping all my fingers crossed that it confirms the good news.”

Unfortunately, the results of the full blood test came back positive.  However, Suzie is still living a happy life in the care of Katherine.


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